Fullstack Planner App

Screenshot of Fullstack Planner App's homepage.




The app is a personal planner that allows you persist all your events, to-dos, and notes with a personal account. The goal was to build the majority of the functionality, using the native APIs from the technologies above, completely in Typescript. The reason was to feel the pain points of building your own authentication, state management, and REST APIs before utilizing libraries and frameworks that abstract a lot of the bare logic from you. This allowed me to gain deeper insight into what goes into making a strictly typed, fullstack application, and when to reach for libraries that can resolve those pain points. However, DrizzleORM was used for the types and database synchronization. Additionally, learning a drastic amount of docker through the process, the app is completely dockerized for easier development/deployment, and hosted on a VPS using Nginx as a reverse proxy to understand the DIY deployment process.